Welcome to the ark servers, the point of this page is to let you know all the info about the server, and the rules



Servers And Rules to all servers.

first i would like to say we will not wipe any of our servers, So the time you put into one of our servers are not in vain

Server List

Server 1: ClubhouseArkServer 001

Top Tribe - (The Starks)


Server 2: TBA - Scorched Earth Server


Server Rules.

We don't have alot of rules, but we have some.

Class system is set up like this.

Class 1 - Warning for first time offince, Ban for second.

Class 2 - Ban for 1 week

Class 3 - Perm Ban

1. Keep the chat Family Frendly. (Class 1)

2. Don't scam (Class 3)

3. Don't Dupe (Class 3)

4. Don't Import Dinos from servers that are not on our list of servers that can be moved from.. (if you do this you will be insta baned and the dinos you moved over will be Removed.)

5. Don't import a charator from a server that is not on our list of servers that can be transfered from. 


Servers that you can Transfer from listed Below.

Right now you can only transfer form Clubhouse Servers, if you would like to add your server to our list Let us know.



Server Settings.

Max Level: 300

xp = x15

Max Dino(wild) 150

Taming speed = 5

Consumption Speed = 1

Egg Hatch Speed = 40

Baby Mature Speed = 50

Maiting Interval = 0

Player Damange = 1

Difficulty = 5

Harvest Speed = x10